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Solving your money questions


No One Taught Us About Money

Whether we like it or not, money plays a big role in our lives from the time we're conceived right up until (and after) our own "celebration of life." 

Money affects our ability (or inability) to pursue our passions, spend time with loved ones, and achieve our goals.  

Unfortunately, our families, schools, and workplaces rarely teach us how to effectively deal with our personal finances. 

You can turn to social media and the internet, but there's a lot of noise out there.  What really works?  What should you do? 

My Story


Nice hat, eh?

As a young RCMP member, I enjoyed helping people and solving crimes.  I eventually worked on homicide, drug, and organized crime units and took pride in presenting factual evidence to the courts.

Early in my policing career, I tried to figure out my own
finances.  My natural curiosity made me suspicious of the high-fee and sales-driven mutual fund and banking industries in Canada.

I started reading books and articles from trusted sources about low-cost index investing, tax-saving strategies, and money management. This turned into a passion and now my wife thinks I'm weird.

After seventeen years of policing, I decided to leave my secure job in 2017 to spend more time with our three young boys and begin studying for a career in financial planning.

My wife went back to work and I exchanged a gun belt for an apron.  The house quickly became a mess and my cooking received poor reviews from a tough crowd! 

I started a tax preparation business and gained experience working at an investment firm that served high-net-worth clients. 

In 2021, after obtaining my Certified Financial Planner designation, I noticed that only investors with hundreds of thousands of dollars seemed to get great financial planning advice.  What about the rest of the population?  

To connect with hard-working Canadians underserved by trusted advisors, I launched ABZ Financial Planning in 2022.  

I chose the advice-only model so I wouldn’t be tied to your investment portfolio or insurance products. I only receive compensation from you directly and you’ll know exactly what it costs beforehand. Without any sales targets, my only measure of success is your success. 

I’m free to focus my time on building relationships and coaching my clients. 

I feel privileged when, after earning their trust, clients share their deepest dreams and fears with me and then hand over all of their financial documents.  The investigator in me lights up when I find clues in their statements that lead to sound strategies to improve their situation. 

I find it very rewarding to guide a client through a clear set of action steps and then watch their confidence improve, stress melt away, and happiness increase.

In short, my job rocks! 




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